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Honesty Lenders is a microfinance company that draws up short-term and long-term microloans. It has a high degree of reliability. In the financial market is represented since 2013. The company has a fully automated business process system. Due to this, the lending process is as comfortable as possible. During its work, the organization has established itself with a good side. Borrowers can borrow a card at an MFI without income certificates, guarantors and collateral. It is characterized by a high degree of approval of applications, as it tries to enter the position of each client. 

Conditions for obtaining a loan

Conditions for obtaining a loan

The organization is ready to issue a loan without refusal in just 5 minutes. Before you apply, you should read the terms of the loan. Consider credit products:

  Short-term microloan Long-term microloan
Term microloan 16-30 days 6-24 weeks
Microcredit size, rub. 2,000 – 20,000 25,000 – 70,000
Interest rate 219% -547.5% per annum

The interest rate depends on the chosen tariff, the requested amount and the crediting period. The percentage will be automatically calculated in your account when you create an application.

Thanks to the automated scoring system, the period for consideration of applications does not exceed 5 minutes. The system is based on 276 significant parameters of a potential borrower, taking into account its behavior during registration, as well as a number of its own developments.

To obtain a loan, you must meet the minimum requirements:

  • age of the borrower from 21 years;
  • Russian citizenship;
  • a passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation;
  • data TIN or SNILS;
  • availability of personal mobile and email.

MFI has a promotional offer for new clients. At the first registration of a microcredit, the interest rate is 0%. At the repeated circulation the usual interest rate is applied.

Get a loan in Honesty Lenders

Get a loan in Honesty Lenders

The process of registration of a microloan is extremely simple. To obtain credit, follow the simple instructions:

  1. Go to the official website of the MFI.
  2. On the main page, select the amount and duration of the loan. Click “Get Money”.
  3. The initial formation of the application involves registration in the system. At this stage, enter personal data, specifying the name, mobile number, e-mail. Come up with a password.
  4. The next step is to enter information about the work. The system will automatically calculate the tariff. By the time it takes less than a minute. Individual tariff conditions will be recorded in your account.
  5. Choose a method of obtaining credit funds. Each client selects for himself the most comfortable.
  6. Wait for the decision, and immediately get the money.

The process of registration is fully automated. After approval, it remains to sign an online contract. To do this, indicate the code received in SMS.

Attention! When filling out the questionnaire indicate only valid data, otherwise the client will be refused.

Ways to get a loan

Ways to get a loan

MFIs value clients, so it offers several ways to obtain loans: 

  • to a bank card;
  • on wallet;
  • through the Contact system;
  • to a bank account.

The most convenient option is to credit funds to the card of any bank.

How to return a loan

How to return a loan

Customers can pay off their debts in any way convenient for them:

  1. Through a personal account. On the page, click “Make a payment”, specify the amount and choose a convenient way. You can transfer money from the card, through a bank account or from a Qiwi e-wallet account.
  2. Through the terminal . You should have a contract number with you. Money is credited instantly.
  3. Through the company Euroset. Payment is made through the cashier without paying a commission. Indicate the purpose: “Loan repayment in the company. Announce the contract number and amount of repayment.
  4. Through Sberbank Online. Selecting this method, you need to consider that funds can be credited up to 3 business days. The user will receive detailed instructions when choosing this method in his personal account.

Closing of the contract occurs only after the funds are credited to the organization’s account. In order to avoid misunderstanding payments should be carried out in advance.

The MFI provides an opportunity to pay off the debt ahead of schedule. In this case, interest will be recalculated for the actual period of use of the loan.

If it is not possible to return the debt in a timely manner, then it is worth using the service of prolonging the loan agreement. To do this, click on “Extend a loan” in your personal account, get acquainted with individual credit conditions, pay for the service. At midnight the contract will be extended for 14 days.


Honesty Lenders is a reliable microfinance organization that draws up loans on mutually beneficial terms. It has a high percentage of approval of applications – 90%, because it is ready to cooperate even with clients who have a bad credit history. Users can get the first microloan at 0%.

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