Personal Payday loan – is it worth it?

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If you are looking for a small loan online or a quick loan, you may have heard about the ABC loan . The company was one of the first to go from bank only on the Internet to branches all over Italy, immediately after WeBank.

Loan offers from this company are really many and often promotional. So, you would like to ask for money, but you don’t know which offer really suits you and how reliable this reality can be.

Here are the real solutions that ABC can offer for: employees, pensioners, autonomous, bad payers or protesters.


  • All loan offers from ABC
  • How to apply for the ABC Payday loan
  • Times, methods and opinions

All loan offers from ABC

All loan offers from ABC

The ABC Personal payday loan is a solution that satisfies everyone. You can request from 3000 up to 50,000 euros directly online, provided quickly if you have the requirements. If you are looking for a loan below € 3,000 go here.

If you choose this loan and choose to debit your Arancio current account (which is a zero-expense account for those who credit the salary), you pay less as an interest rate. From the start, the bank offers you the TAN at 6.45% and the APR at 7.09% , but with the payment of the salary you have undergone a TAN of 5.95% and an APR of 6.56% .

Plus, you get insurance that protects you if you can’t pay the installments and you can skip (three times) or reduce the installments (twice) if you can’t make it for any reason during the amortization schedule.

What are the requirements ? To access this loan you must:

• Have a fixed income, even for a fixed term.

• Being or becoming an ABC customer, opening an account at zero expense.

You can of course apply for the loan even if you are a pensioner, but also as a self-employed person, if you have a stable income or a tax return with a good amount, since you are protected by insurance. If you are unemployed, you can apply for funding with a guarantor.

Finally, those who are bad payers or protesters , can ask to pay with the assignment of the fifth if he credits the salary on the Payday account.

If your profile is eligible for the Payday loan, the delivery time can be quite fast . Some customers talk about a few minutes, while others have to wait a few working days. The difference in waiting time is very likely to depend on your situation: as a person with a permanent contract and without a bad payer, even the bank can speed up the time. Find out in our article what is the difference between the timing for the feasibility outcome and the loan disbursement.

Among other things, the amount is paid to your Orange current account, with the sole commission of 0.75% of the loan as a preliminary investigation fee.

The amortization plan is at a fixed rate : you always pay the same amount for an amortization plan from 12 to 84 months .

To apply for the loan, all you need to do is request a quote online without obligation and you will be contacted by an ABC consultant.

How to apply for the ABC Payday loan

How to apply for the ABC Payday loan

You can apply for funding in three ways:

  1. Ask ABC for the toll-free loan . If you have an Payday account or want to open one for this loan, you can call 800.717.273 from a landline .
  2. Use the chat on the site and ask for the Payday loan.
  3. Use the button below to compare ABC with other loans and ask for the quote that suits you best.

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In all cases, you will send the documents by post or PEC only if you accept the loan and only for the preliminary investigation phase. It may happen that the ABC loan is rejected. In this case, the intervention of a guarantor or a mortgage on the home is required to obtain the loan.

Times, methods and opinions

Times, methods and opinions

Waiting times are usually very fast. For those who are already an ABC customer or have an Orange current account, or decide to open it and have a pay slip, the approval times are very fast, even a few minutes – always depending on your financial situation.

For self-employed and temporary employees, the procedure could be longer, but not more than 48 hours, so the loan behaves like a really fast loan.

The amount will arrive directly to your Payday account, so once credited in a single payment, you can withdraw immediately without giving reasons because you need the money.

The installments are then paid by debiting the current account at the time of expiration. Thus, when you credit your salary or receive payments from a self-employed person, all you need to do is leave the money necessary for the installment and you don’t have to worry about the expiration of the installments.

If you need, just call or open the chat to ask to skip or reduce the installment , but you just have to remember to notify the bank a few days before the deadline.

Opinions on ABC are very positive , both for loans and for general operation. Since you need the account to get the loan, you’ll be pleased to know that the online account works great. If you credit your salary, you have no additional expenses, nor a fee to maintain the account, nor one-time fees when you make a transfer or you have to withdraw from a Group bank.

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