Banks Issuing Loans

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So how and where to get a loan with a damaged credit history? Consider the proposals of Russian banks that continue lending, if there is no credit history.


 Banks offer loans

 Banks offer loans

Kuyog-ako Bank, offering consumer loans to persons from 18 to 80 years. The amount is from ten thousand to twenty million rubles. The interest rate is calculated individually.

Isip-Isip offers credit card processing, an application for receipt is accepted online and is reviewed in 5 minutes. The maximum loan is 300 thousand rubles.

Daiusin – consumer loans with an interest rate of up to 18% and a maximum amount of one million rubles. Loans are issued for a period of six months to 5 years. The application is considered within one working day.

Ulitnaulit Credit – offers from 30 to 500 thousand rubles by 19.9%. You can repay the debt in time up to 45 months. Consideration of the application in 15 minutes.

Russian Standard is an organization with its own credit bureau, issuing up to 150,000 rubles at the first call, and twice as much at the second. Cash and through the card.

Bahay Credit Bank – issues loans on bail or with a guarantee, also successfully examines applications with a bad reputation within five minutes. Maximum issuance – 700,000 rubles, the interest rate of 20 percent.


If you have heard from a bank employee that the reason for refusal is a bad credit history – this material is for you.

Credit history is a set of information about a potential borrower, which is available to all banking institutions to verify the solvency and decency of the client.


Which bank will issue a loan with a bad credit history?

Which bank will issue a loan with a bad credit history?

Unfortunately, most often potential borrowers have to apply documents to several banks by trial and error in order to find one that attaches little importance to credit history. But all the banks, without exception, appreciate the honesty of the client, so even while filling in the loan application, tell the transaction operator that you have a bad credit history and ask to make a note in the application: why.

A broker can help with obtaining a loan. But beware, there are many scammers among brokers.


Why does credit history deteriorate?

Why does credit history deteriorate?

Credit history is affected by overdue loans. It all depends on the bank, some are so fundamentally related to delinquencies that they bring in information about the untimely repayment of the loan, even if the payer for objective reasons was only one day late. Others “suffer” late payments up to one month. It is quite difficult to say how much a delay will have on your CI, depending on the circumstances. In some cases, delayed payments are covered by a successfully repaid loan.


If in the past you could not repay any loan, a restructuring was done or the bank even sued you, most likely it will not allow you to take a loan. Small delays in repayment of interest on a loan have less impact on CI, some banks are serious about such failures in the future, but the borrower always has a chance to convince the lender that the delays were due to objective reasons. For example, then you worked in an enterprise that was regularly late with a salary.


You should not give up if the bank refuses you, but not loans, let alone delays in payments. It also happens that errors are found in credit history. Be sure to contact the bank, which is mistakenly listed as your lender in the past and ask to correct the data. And your CI will be clean.


Making a loan with a bad credit history is an empty and meaningless business, says a citizen who once had the imprudence to allow a delay. And for this reason, refuses to purchase the right thing at an attractive price and within the framework of a favorable loan offer.


Unfortunately, Russian consumers do not yet understand which credit history should be considered spoiled and which should not. An unambiguous approach to the assessment of credit history is not available to the banks themselves, and this leaves an opportunity to receive a loan even to a citizen who has a conflict with a bank and late payments.


Why do credit histories spoil?

Why do credit histories spoil?

The most common causes of damage to credit histories are, alas, the inattention of customers and their stubborn reluctance to read credit agreements . Banks never violate the terms of those contracts that give to customers to sign. Many borrowers, trapped, understand that they are wrong, but continue to accuse lenders of deception, so as not to look like fools.


This is what leads to the deterioration of credit history.

This is what leads to the deterioration of credit history.

Overdue There is a concept of a technical delay – when a payment arrives at the bank a maximum of 3 days later than the date specified in the contract. Technical such a delay is called, because the reason for it may be a malfunction of the payment system, and not the negligence of the payer. Technical delays do not affect the credit history significantly – although they make the lender think about the advisability of re-lending.


Long delay is already serious. Information that the borrower allows himself to delay payments for a week or more, is available to all major lenders. As a result, it becomes impossible for such an irresponsible citizen to get a loan on favorable terms.

Loan repayment. The citizen was desperate to repay the loan, according to which various fines grow like a snowball, and, waving his hand at him, turned to another lender for money. Of course, he will not get the money – even from the most loyal to the clients of the lender.

Judicial history – the borrower had to defend his case in a dispute with a financial institution in court. In this case, it does not matter whether the borrower is right or if he won the dispute – the banks have no need for cooperation, which offers legal costs.

Early payment. This reason leads many borrowers to bewilderment – it seems to them that if you repay the loan in advance, on the contrary, you will get whists in the eyes of lenders. But no: in case of early repayment, the borrower deprives the bank of a part of the potential profit that the financial institution expected to receive from cooperation. This happens because of the recalculation of interest: the client saves, and the creditor evil bites his nails.


Information about how conscientiously the borrower fulfilled the obligations under the contract is transferred by the lender to the Bureau of Credit Histories (BUC). It is from the LIC that banks will learn about the “dark spots” on the reputation of a citizen who has applied for a loan.


The borrower cannot refuse the transfer of credit history to the CII to the bank. This item is included in all contracts, and there is already a tick in front of it. If a citizen declares that he does not intend to sign an agreement on the proposed conditions, they simply politely say goodbye to him.


Where to go if the credit history is bad?

Where to go if the credit history is bad?

A borrower who does not know where to get a loan with a bad credit history, first of all, you need to find out why his story was spoiled. Perhaps there was a mistake of the bank – then the first priority for the citizen is the correction of bank reputation.


You can check your credit history on the website of the Central Bank of Russia. If the story is really spoiled by the fault of the bank (and this can be proved), you need to request a report on the operations carried out in this bank. The document is sent to the CII, after which all inconsistencies in the citizen’s credit history are eliminated.


Tip: It will take time to correct the CII data – if you need money urgently, proceed with a report on the operations performed to the institution where you intend to receive a loan, and point it to the staff for an error.


If the lender has nothing to do with and the damage to the credit history is a consequence of the irresponsibility of the borrower, there is nothing to try to ask for money in large banks, like Tserbank, ABC24 and Grozebank. These financial institutions are in abundance and trustworthy clients to risk them for the sake of dubious financial gain. So how do you get a loan with a bad credit history and where to turn?

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